Thursday, January 22, 2009

She's back..........

well his little tramp is back from Vietnam, she was gone for 1 1/2 months to Vietnam. and while she was gone I saw the cops had put a "WARRANT IN DEBT" notice on her door {about 3 weeks ago}. I so much wanted to read it to find out how much she owed but I was afraid of nosy neighbors so I did not.
and last night yes he was back over there all night, did not come home at all.

then this morning I went into his room to see what I could find....I found a receipt from a money order for $200.00 . it was going to a {un}lady in Vietnam. he can't say it is his family the last name is trong and any way all of the sisters are over here now. I was going to make a copy and then put it back but heck I'll just keep it.

what is going to do??? tell me to give it back? no he thinks he is getting away with something....remember Forrest Grump?...."stupid is as stupid does."

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