Monday, April 27, 2009

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....he is evil....

Who? who else ...luyen

I went on a retreat this weekend and when I walked into the house, I saw luyen sitting in the living room smiling at me.

Well this morning I found out why........HE did not pay the power bill after I had told him I could not pay it for this month..and we got a notice that we were going to be removed from the buget plan. and had to pay $500.00 now for the power.

That was evil!!! I called up my lawyer that is handling my car crash and asked him to give me names of good divoice lawyers is NOT a good idea to mess with redheads! and he is about to find that out.
I also learned that since I have been married to this jerk for over 10 years I can claim his Soical secerity money. yep hit him where it hurts ..take his money.

child support, alimony, S.S.N. ....and I will see if I can get him to pay for my divoice.

ME am seeing red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he will see $$$ going bye bye!

and lets not forget that his image will be ruined in the Vietnam comunity....the family name will be mud.... and it will be in Vietnam too...since they love to gossip to folks over there.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

here we go once more......

Ryan just came in here telling me that dad had a bunch of cokes and told Ryan that no one was allowed to touch them unless they asked him if they could have one. jeez some folks! Ryan and I both just shook our heads at him.

someone has control think??

that's ok I already decided before that that I need to drink more water...

Friday, April 10, 2009

AOL Journals

I rteally miss the Journals that were on AOL. I am TRYING to get back to writting about things here but it is not the same as AOL. So Sorry to any one who wonders if I read your writtings....the truth is I have not...BUT I am getting back to them now......So do not give up on me....


Thursday, April 9, 2009


On the 22nd I will have 5 daycare now I am trying to get the 11 month old I have to sleep in the pack and play ....It's hard work and more so when "el stupido" comes home and thinks nothing of going into that room and makes noise. when I came down to see why Rob was up and crying "el S." was leaving the room with a smile on his face.

And then the other one I have is starting to fight going to sleep when its nap time { he is 2 1/2 years old } and starting to tell me "no" to things ....


And "el s." had told Ryan that when he got his tax return money back he was going to get Ryan a
Lap top for his bday present.... well yesterday he told Ryan he was not going to him 1 cause mom was making him pay for the power bill {which I did not ask him to do}.
Ryan told me about it. I told Ryan that I was not the problem..and if I did make as much money as "El s." then I would have no problem helping out with some bills. when I have the 5 kids I will be making $590 a week...I can pay the power bill {$228.28} and pay off a 230.00 credit card bill {I thought I had them ALL paid off...but found this 1 still} i have and then pay off some doctor bills....

how DARE him try to make me the blame for his problems! {his credit bills are about $20,000,if not more}
Ryan said he did not believe dad. Ryan is mad at dad...for not even giving him a present. I gave him $50 which is all I could afford at the time.


Monday, March 30, 2009

hi i'm back.....

yeah it's me.......patty

no I did not drop dead,drop off the face of the earth, etc......

things have been hopping here.... my son is 16 years old to get a learners, able to get a part time job, able to be still my JOY.

Luyen....well he's still kicking and living here. Yes I am trying to get away from him...every time I go to find a lawyer something happens that I can't. like my HS operation in Nov. did not just breeze by....I had that on Nov. 5th and had problems till feb....
Luyen developed what he thought was Prostate cancer....turned out he has an infection in the prostate not cancer.

there is some good news of sorts..... the little trollop he was seeing is in trouble and looks like she is going to be foreclosed on , I said good news of sorts 'cause even tho i want her gone I do not want to see anyone lose their home. there is a lock box on the door but no for sale sign out on the yard and she is still there.
Luyen stopped seeing her....due to me...about a little over a month ago....since I sent the Mormon's over there ..they got down on her for doing what she does at night. he and her had a fight and he has not been back.

just a while ago I was signing some mortgage papers and I ALWAYS use a different signature when I know he will keeping any papers with it on it. I do not want him to try to forge my real one again. Anyway I was signing away when he said "you have a new signature from last year" I just said "yes" .

no way he will sign my name again without my knowledge.

I am going to settlement real soon now for my car acciedent, hoping to get $20,000.

Monday, February 2, 2009

your a fool hearted man.......

Luyen is downstairs working on his fish tank and being one who jumps at the moment I put on my GOODBYE SONGS cd. It is a CD which I made myself that consist of songs {From the woman's point of view} about leaving their Jerk of a husband... I cranked up the volume so he had to hear it and picked out these songs off it to play {some more than 1 time} :

"Party Down"

"lesson in leaving"

"Bye Bye"

Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to save....Ideas

I got this from a AOL pop up menu........some good ideas:

From Rags to Riches

AOL User JessPalumbo Says:

"You can buy four 15-packs of decent rags for 20 bucks, use them instead of paper towels and you will save hundreds in a year."

The Wonders of Wiper FluidAOL User Srdonalds Says:

"I buy windshield wiper fluid and use it on windows, mirrors and glass around the house. It is the same liquid, but oh boy do you get more bang for your money!"

A Cleaning 'Solution'AOL User GPCruise Says:

"I put water in a spray bottle, almost to the top, add a small amount of bleach and 3 drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid and it cleans everything! Windows look like mirrors! I also spray it on my carpet, rub it in with a rubber bristled broom "easier than hands and knees with a brush" after I vacuum and the 'spaniel stains' are gone! I started that with Oxy-Clean, since it removed hair dye stains from shower curtain and one day I ran out so made up my own solution. The bleach is just enough to kill germs and the detergent is just enough not to need rinsing."

My Five Ways to SaveAOL User Litengstrm69 Says:

"1. Groceries -- Buy spices, soups, snacks, bottled water, shampoo, bath soap and laundry detergent at the dollar store.2. Laundry -- If you're like me, and you don't have a washer and dryer, you have to go to the laundry house. The smaller machines, which will fit one load, cost about $1.75, but the jumbo machines will fit up to 5 loads. And they cost about $5 bucks. That's a savings of $3.3. Clothes -- If you don't have the money, don't shop!! But, if you really must, do it at the thrift stores.4. Food -- cook at home, and make enough for leftovers.5. Utilities -- if you're not in the room, TURN OFF THE LIGHTS. Don't let the water run while you're brushing your teeth. And wrap a blanket around your hot water heater to help insulate it."

New Life for Old FlannelAOL User CTMOMto4 Says:

"My daughter" has flannel nightgowns that she can no longer wear. Rather than just giving them away, since she needs new flannel pillow cases (at $20/2) I will re-purpose this material (the bottom of the gowns always gets much less wear than the shoulders) and make her some flannel cases for her bed. My cost: $0.00 as I have thread on hand. Good deal. The scraps of material will be used for dusting rags. I also use the larger pieces as Swiffer pads."

Every Bit HelpsAOL User Junipercanyon Says:

"I wash out all my Zip-Loc baggies in hot soapy water and hang up to dry and reuse. I also save bread wrappers for my homemade bread. I save bubble wrap envelopes when someone sends me one, and reuse them by taping it shut. If something is too expensive at the grocery store, I don't buy it. I always buy on sale and bulk meat especially. I never buy paper towels -- I went to thrift store and for $5 bought cloth napkins. I buy most of my clothes at thrift [stores], because we are a farm and most get ruined. I bought a down coat (nice) at the Good Will (GW) for $6.99. I cook extra dinner, for leftover lunch. I grind my own wheat and make whole grain breads and such. All the parts of meat we don't eat, I cook for a stew for our cats. I do my own vaccinations for livestock and cats. We cut up all old clothes for rags in garage. We put in a new thermostat for energy savings. We always turn heat off at night. We have a down comforter. I save hundreds on clothes at GW. We buy at garage sales, etc."

Save on Heating OilAOL User KATHEMOLLOY1 Says:

"I stop at my local gas station and pick up 12 gallons of Off-Road Diesel a couple of time a week. It's the same fuel as #2 home heating oil, it's dyed red. I use two five-gallon and one two- gallon fuel containers. They sell them at home depot and other hardware and automotive stores. At first, it felt a little [awkward] doing that, but the savings mounted up and I started seeing many more people doing the same thing when I was there. Shortly before Christmas, one guy was filling several containers and told me he had been stopping there almost every day all summer and had accumulated half a tank before he had to turn his furnace on. He had already saved $200 in heating costs."

Save Old CharcoalAOL User Ccdae5 Says:

"When those burgers and brats are done on the charcoal grill, close the lid and shut the vents. The fire will go out and you can relight the left-over coals next time. Just shake off the ashes and add a few new briquets and light it up. I find that doing this saves about 50% of the charcoal that can be reused."

Save on LaundryAOL User MKKTC Says:

"As soon as I get a box of dryer sheets, I cut them all in half getting twice as much use out of the box. Better yet (and my latest kick) I hang the laundry from a clothes line in the basement. I try to do one load per day thus allowing plenty of drying time. Also, wash in cold water and use very little detergent."

Bag the DeliAOL User CTMOMto4 Says:

"I pretty much gave up the deli this past year. I was limiting myself to 2 lbs. cold cuts per week (six of us bring lunch to work/school) and only buying Boar's Head by our choice. Due to escalating prices for deli meat, whole milk, anything made with flour, eggs -- I had to make some concessions. The deli was costing me at least $16-$20/week or $64-$100/month out of my $400 food budget. Instead, I [now] prepare the following: Adults take leftovers, homemade soup to work. Sandwiches are egg salad, PB& J, Fuffernutters, cheese, meatloaf, turkey/chicken salad, home roasted/broiled/grilled boneless chicken breast or turkey. Cheese is bought at $4 or less per pound and hand planed, if necessary. I have been buying 3 lbs. blocks of Land O' Lakes American at the discount grocer for $9.99 or $3.33/lb. It retails for $15.99 at the IGA. Identical product. Deli counter asks $4.99-$5.99 for American cheese. Not happening."

DIY Dryer SheetsAOL User Peaches3RN Says:

"I hated tossing those fabric softener sheets in the landfill, so I make my own with an old washcloth. Mix one part liquid softener to four parts water and place in an old spray bottle. Spray some on a dedicated washcloth and toss in the dryer along with the clothes. One bottle of liquid fabric softener lasts a very long time."

Buy a Bargain LunchAOL User Daddy1947 Says:

"If I know I am going to be out and about and needing a fast food lunch, I think one of the best bargains around is the Wendy's Value Menu. I get the Double Stack [burger] and a Value fries each at $0.99 for a total of $2.12 including tax. I bring a little ice chest with me for the day with a can of Coke. It is a satifying fast food lunch."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This will be short blog { I think} here is the emails first that leads into my Title : PATTY!:

this one is from the 25th:

"Anne, David, Joy, Mark, Lisa, Pat, Helen,

I called 911 yesterday to take Jane to the Orange Park Hospital Yesterday as she was getting weaker by the hour and fainting and getting less and less responsive. She had fallen early inthe day and I called the resident doctor. He couldn't find any thing wrong except low blood pressure. She had had a very low clotting factor reading Friday. They discovered in Emerg. that her clotting factor was almost none existant, her blood pressure was very low, her heart rate low, her bed blood cells were low and that she was dehydraded. The cause of all this is not clear yet. She left Emerg. last night and spent the night in Room 441, a step-down care room, the have given her lots of whole blood, plasma, saline water and several medacines, all intraveinous. Swh is much better this morning, her blood pressure is nearly normal and heart rate good. They will test her clotting factor this AM. I'm home for clean-up and breakfast and will be going back to the hospital for the day. She is having no visitors."


this from 1/26:

"Hi all,

Jane is much better. Her blood pressure is normal and holding. Her color is good. She is very weak but otherwise thinking and moving normally. She has an infection in her blood that worked agianst the comadin to cause all this. David, they are working cultures to determine the type of infection and hopefully it's source. She may be out of the hospital by Wed. or Thur. I expect Thur.

Love Richard"


this is from 1/27

"Hi all,

Jane is continuing to improve. She is expected to be released from the hospital Thursday. She will probable go to a rehabilitation center as she is very weak and can't stand unaided. The main problem now is an infection in her blood which is being treated. A heart echogram Sunday PM or Monday AM showed congestion around her heart and fluid in her lungs, That is much better today and her breathing is normal when she is not moving around. This is also an improvement. All is expected to continue to improve. The blood that leaked in to her stomach cavity area is beginning to show as a monster bruise on her side but is slowly being reabsorbed, it will take weeks.

Love, Dad"


Now onto last night:

at 2:52 am I was woke to my father {who lives down in Florida} calling out my name PATTY!. he more yelled it then called it out. I said back "yes" . then it dawned on me he was not in the room. I sat there and knew something just I got down on the floor and prayed for them both for a good bit.
After I laid back down to sleep I had this feeling that someone just sat on the back of the bed and had put a hand on my foot almost like they were rubbing it. I turned on the light and saw no being a little freaked out I sat and watched tv til I fell asleep. I will call down there around 9 am if no one calls me by then.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I had fun last night!...a must read

I was leaving the house just as Luyen {husband} was going out too. he sat in the drive way waiting for me to leave 1st. At first I was going to but then I said " nah I will make him sweat a little {he won't leave till I do cause he does not want to find his wh---'s home...too late I know !!!}
I sit there 10 Min's and so does he then I turn on my lights to get ready to go & so does he. But WAIT !!! I just turn around in the court and he starts to back up when he sees that I am stopped in the ct. so he stops. I move down a couple of homes down the road he pulls out of the driveway then sees me stopped , he stops.
By this time I am lol at him. so I move on to the next road he zooms down the opposite way. But I know how to beat him to her house, so I get up to the intersection where he has to pass to get to her place.after 5 Min's here he comes down the road...just as he gets to the intersection I flash my lights at him.
He sees me and zooms down the road ..I follow. he goes into the parking lot that is at his moms place and waits for me to pass.

I see him and pull my car into a store side parking lot that is right off the road. I move the car behind a bush where he can't see me until he pulls out of the parking lot. He sits there for 10 Min's when I guess he thinks I am gone.
As he pulls out of lot his lights shine into my cars window...I waved to him ..when starts down the road I flash my lights a lot at him...he speeds up to go down the road.

OK at this time I am having the time of my life!!!!! enjoying this game too much! I let him go...then I go and do my food shopping. when I got back to my car {after 20 Min's} I decide to go and pay him a visit at the things home.

The lights were still on but the shades were closed.....I took out my camera and flashed the place 2x {my flash is bright!} and then honked my car horn 2x {that horn is like a train horn {loud!!!}} and then left to go home.

I had fun...don't know about him...but it was a fun night!


Monday, January 26, 2009

I really am starting to hate the school Ryan is in

OK.....I get a call from the school from an attendance guy. letting me know that Ryan has missed 16 days of school so far. I know that...I tell this guy {Mr. teal} most of that is due to his knee problem {I have taken him to a doc. and they say it is a growing thing that it will be ok} I say if the kid can't walk then how am I going to take him to school? or to the doctors {like they {school says to do} every time it happens? then he has been out 2x with migraines. Today he came in late to school cause he had a stomach upset. he got to school at 10:00 am . well they said he needs to go to school on am I going to do that if he is thowing up at the time he should be catching his bus???


Mr.teal said he was going to talk with Ryan today..I had wanted to tell him not to but figure that it would not be a good thing.

Wonder if it is too late for homeschool?

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well I went to my Derm doc last monday. She looked at my leg and took a culture of it and the results were positive ..meaning that I have an infection {again} in it...not HS that was taken out during the oper. but this a E coli infection. So now I am on 2 weeks worth of Anti's far so good w/ no reactions.. : )

She's back..........

well his little tramp is back from Vietnam, she was gone for 1 1/2 months to Vietnam. and while she was gone I saw the cops had put a "WARRANT IN DEBT" notice on her door {about 3 weeks ago}. I so much wanted to read it to find out how much she owed but I was afraid of nosy neighbors so I did not.
and last night yes he was back over there all night, did not come home at all.

then this morning I went into his room to see what I could find....I found a receipt from a money order for $200.00 . it was going to a {un}lady in Vietnam. he can't say it is his family the last name is trong and any way all of the sisters are over here now. I was going to make a copy and then put it back but heck I'll just keep it.

what is going to do??? tell me to give it back? no he thinks he is getting away with something....remember Forrest Grump?...."stupid is as stupid does."

Saturday, January 3, 2009

well on Monday I'll be $10,000 richer....... I am taking money out of my 401k to pay off the last credit card {$6500} debt I have and to get new glasses {$380} and pay off my cell phone bill{$320}. And then I am going to get a county daycare license {$50}. Then also pay off some little bills I have {about $200 total}...The Rest? is going to just sit in my bank...oh yeah I did tell Ryan that was getting some for a Christmas present {$150?}

The "it" I share this house with....oh yeah he gets



also this week I will be making a trip to legal aid to get rid of the "it".......SMILE!


Friday, December 26, 2008

Tonight I told my STBX that he needed to pay the power bill this time cause I did not have the money for it {$228} cause I had no kids this past week { I am a daycare provider } and since I only get right now $250 a week.

he yelled stomped {really for a 51 year old man he acts like a 3 year old} know just like a little kid not getting what he wants.
I calmly ignored him all the time he was doing this. when I did point out to him ALL the stuff he buys {salt water tank and fish, xboxes, air soft guns, etc} that he does NOT need he says "I just want my son to be happy".
then he asks me if I want a divorce ..I did not say a word....I can't let him know until Jan about it. that's when Legal aid will have funding they say.
And since he could quickly escape the USA and go to Vietnam to avoid paying child support. I must remain silent. it is so hard to do that ...I so much want to tell him off.

but I know that when you are dealing with a hot temper person the best thing to do is not to give them ammo.

stay calm, be silent, and don't let what they say ruffle you.
and do not show that what they say hurts you.
I did call someone to let them know what was going on {that is also a BIG plus! always let others know what is going on}
and I am also letting you all know. He is now in his room upset....good he may stay that way until the rapture.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

The pastor must...

He must think I am CRAZY!!

really this time he must think that.......

Tonight after dropping Ryan off at a friends house and then going to see a friend {who did answer her door} I decided to go over to the church and have a little talk with God. there were still cars in the parking lot so I went across the street to wait for it to be clear. after all left I went back over to talk.

I had only been there about 10 mins at the most when the Pastors truck pulls up. Now I like to "talk" there after hours cause there is no one to brother our talks and it is peaceful there. so when I saw his car pull up I just told God that I had to go. And went right out of wave, no hi just zipped off.

I was not embarrassed nor ashamed I just wanted to be alone to talk with my Father. the one other place I do this is on the bathroom floor but I can't say out load whats is on my mind always cause there are folks here still.

so Icame home picked up ryan and dropped him off at home then went back {10:00 pm} to the church to "talk" once more.
Once more someone came after I was only there for 10 mins....and I left 1 more time.
I guess it was not my night to be there......

Sunday, December 14, 2008

hi sorry for the long wait between entries....1 I for got my password and 2 I have been on face book a lot.

My {gag} husband has been away in PA. on biz. for the past 2 months........he is a master carpenter .he works for EX PLUS INC.they make museum displays for museums across the USA. now I can see maybe a month...But I think he is lying..... And I know how to find out.
My good friend Liza knows his boss really well so I am going to ask her to ask him about it.

Today I went out to see were his work place is...only 6 miles from home.he had told Ryan {my son} that they had a gate blocking off the way in to it.......A lie {duh} there is no gate. so next week when he supposed to be up in PA. I will take a drive out there to see if his car is there..since they use a company car to get there.

I did call Legal Aid about getting a divorce though them and they are out of funding....they said come back in Jan....I will be the first in line.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Virginia is with the Lord as of friday at 4:30pm. I am waiting word as to when her service will be. No one can call me cause my Cell phone is shut off till I pay at least the $300 past due bill. Which some of that is from a friend of mine calling me at least 2x a day {sometimes more} and talking to me for an hour or more each time {I only have 430 hours of free time on it} .
If I did not have pay for tthe hospital this week I could pay it off. So I asked the church if they would pay for it {they help out members}. stating that if something should go wrong after my operation while I was at home I would have no way of contacting anyone to get help.
the whole bill is $800.

after I get it back up I will tell my friend to call me only after 9 pm and weekends.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

my friend is going to be with the lord soon....

this comes from my church.....

Dear PBC Family,

I am writing to inform you that Virginia Roberts is not doing well. Sandy her daughter feels she may be nearing the end (days or weeks). Pray that she (Sandy) would be prepared for the time when her mother will be taken into the Lord’s presence. We are making some arrangements in advance. When the time comes, we will have the service here at PBC followed by a light lunch. We’ll need some help serving. Basically we’re just encouraging our PBC family to support Virginia’s family in our prayers at this time.

Alexandra Vasquez
Pastoral Admin. Assistant/Office Manager
Potomac Baptist Church
20747 Lowes Island Blvd
Potomac Falls, VA 20165
Phone: (703) 430-2377
Fax: (703) 430-3584

I call her my "little Sis"