Monday, April 27, 2009

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....he is evil....

Who? who else ...luyen

I went on a retreat this weekend and when I walked into the house, I saw luyen sitting in the living room smiling at me.

Well this morning I found out why........HE did not pay the power bill after I had told him I could not pay it for this month..and we got a notice that we were going to be removed from the buget plan. and had to pay $500.00 now for the power.

That was evil!!! I called up my lawyer that is handling my car crash and asked him to give me names of good divoice lawyers is NOT a good idea to mess with redheads! and he is about to find that out.
I also learned that since I have been married to this jerk for over 10 years I can claim his Soical secerity money. yep hit him where it hurts ..take his money.

child support, alimony, S.S.N. ....and I will see if I can get him to pay for my divoice.

ME am seeing red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he will see $$$ going bye bye!

and lets not forget that his image will be ruined in the Vietnam comunity....the family name will be mud.... and it will be in Vietnam too...since they love to gossip to folks over there.

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