Friday, December 26, 2008

Tonight I told my STBX that he needed to pay the power bill this time cause I did not have the money for it {$228} cause I had no kids this past week { I am a daycare provider } and since I only get right now $250 a week.

he yelled stomped {really for a 51 year old man he acts like a 3 year old} know just like a little kid not getting what he wants.
I calmly ignored him all the time he was doing this. when I did point out to him ALL the stuff he buys {salt water tank and fish, xboxes, air soft guns, etc} that he does NOT need he says "I just want my son to be happy".
then he asks me if I want a divorce ..I did not say a word....I can't let him know until Jan about it. that's when Legal aid will have funding they say.
And since he could quickly escape the USA and go to Vietnam to avoid paying child support. I must remain silent. it is so hard to do that ...I so much want to tell him off.

but I know that when you are dealing with a hot temper person the best thing to do is not to give them ammo.

stay calm, be silent, and don't let what they say ruffle you.
and do not show that what they say hurts you.
I did call someone to let them know what was going on {that is also a BIG plus! always let others know what is going on}
and I am also letting you all know. He is now in his room upset....good he may stay that way until the rapture.



  1. you've done a great job so far girlfriend, keep up the good work. I hope you and your son had a nice christmas. sorry I haven't been around much. I made an entry today telling what's been happening. I hope you have a nice new year. (((hugs))))
    Cindy xoxoxo