Thursday, December 18, 2008

The pastor must...

He must think I am CRAZY!!

really this time he must think that.......

Tonight after dropping Ryan off at a friends house and then going to see a friend {who did answer her door} I decided to go over to the church and have a little talk with God. there were still cars in the parking lot so I went across the street to wait for it to be clear. after all left I went back over to talk.

I had only been there about 10 mins at the most when the Pastors truck pulls up. Now I like to "talk" there after hours cause there is no one to brother our talks and it is peaceful there. so when I saw his car pull up I just told God that I had to go. And went right out of wave, no hi just zipped off.

I was not embarrassed nor ashamed I just wanted to be alone to talk with my Father. the one other place I do this is on the bathroom floor but I can't say out load whats is on my mind always cause there are folks here still.

so Icame home picked up ryan and dropped him off at home then went back {10:00 pm} to the church to "talk" once more.
Once more someone came after I was only there for 10 mins....and I left 1 more time.
I guess it was not my night to be there......

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