Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This will be short blog { I think} here is the emails first that leads into my Title : PATTY!:

this one is from the 25th:

"Anne, David, Joy, Mark, Lisa, Pat, Helen,

I called 911 yesterday to take Jane to the Orange Park Hospital Yesterday as she was getting weaker by the hour and fainting and getting less and less responsive. She had fallen early inthe day and I called the resident doctor. He couldn't find any thing wrong except low blood pressure. She had had a very low clotting factor reading Friday. They discovered in Emerg. that her clotting factor was almost none existant, her blood pressure was very low, her heart rate low, her bed blood cells were low and that she was dehydraded. The cause of all this is not clear yet. She left Emerg. last night and spent the night in Room 441, a step-down care room, the have given her lots of whole blood, plasma, saline water and several medacines, all intraveinous. Swh is much better this morning, her blood pressure is nearly normal and heart rate good. They will test her clotting factor this AM. I'm home for clean-up and breakfast and will be going back to the hospital for the day. She is having no visitors."


this from 1/26:

"Hi all,

Jane is much better. Her blood pressure is normal and holding. Her color is good. She is very weak but otherwise thinking and moving normally. She has an infection in her blood that worked agianst the comadin to cause all this. David, they are working cultures to determine the type of infection and hopefully it's source. She may be out of the hospital by Wed. or Thur. I expect Thur.

Love Richard"


this is from 1/27

"Hi all,

Jane is continuing to improve. She is expected to be released from the hospital Thursday. She will probable go to a rehabilitation center as she is very weak and can't stand unaided. The main problem now is an infection in her blood which is being treated. A heart echogram Sunday PM or Monday AM showed congestion around her heart and fluid in her lungs, That is much better today and her breathing is normal when she is not moving around. This is also an improvement. All is expected to continue to improve. The blood that leaked in to her stomach cavity area is beginning to show as a monster bruise on her side but is slowly being reabsorbed, it will take weeks.

Love, Dad"


Now onto last night:

at 2:52 am I was woke to my father {who lives down in Florida} calling out my name PATTY!. he more yelled it then called it out. I said back "yes" . then it dawned on me he was not in the room. I sat there and knew something just I got down on the floor and prayed for them both for a good bit.
After I laid back down to sleep I had this feeling that someone just sat on the back of the bed and had put a hand on my foot almost like they were rubbing it. I turned on the light and saw no being a little freaked out I sat and watched tv til I fell asleep. I will call down there around 9 am if no one calls me by then.


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