Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I had fun last night!...a must read

I was leaving the house just as Luyen {husband} was going out too. he sat in the drive way waiting for me to leave 1st. At first I was going to but then I said " nah I will make him sweat a little {he won't leave till I do cause he does not want to find his wh---'s home...too late I know !!!}
I sit there 10 Min's and so does he then I turn on my lights to get ready to go & so does he. But WAIT !!! I just turn around in the court and he starts to back up when he sees that I am stopped in the ct. so he stops. I move down a couple of homes down the road he pulls out of the driveway then sees me stopped , he stops.
By this time I am lol at him. so I move on to the next road he zooms down the opposite way. But I know how to beat him to her house, so I get up to the intersection where he has to pass to get to her place.after 5 Min's here he comes down the road...just as he gets to the intersection I flash my lights at him.
He sees me and zooms down the road ..I follow. he goes into the parking lot that is at his moms place and waits for me to pass.

I see him and pull my car into a store side parking lot that is right off the road. I move the car behind a bush where he can't see me until he pulls out of the parking lot. He sits there for 10 Min's when I guess he thinks I am gone.
As he pulls out of lot his lights shine into my cars window...I waved to him ..when starts down the road I flash my lights a lot at him...he speeds up to go down the road.

OK at this time I am having the time of my life!!!!! enjoying this game too much! I let him go...then I go and do my food shopping. when I got back to my car {after 20 Min's} I decide to go and pay him a visit at the things home.

The lights were still on but the shades were closed.....I took out my camera and flashed the place 2x {my flash is bright!} and then honked my car horn 2x {that horn is like a train horn {loud!!!}} and then left to go home.

I had fun...don't know about him...but it was a fun night!



  1. I am sitting here cracking up. Girlfriend you are good. I bet he ran in that house closed the blinds and was peaking out one of the windows wondering if you were gonna knock on the door, lol. (((((hugs)))
    Love ya,
    Cindy xoxo

  2. lol just found this blog i did
    i wanted to stat up a blog again. but this time try to tone down the sh** about Luyen.