Monday, March 30, 2009

hi i'm back.....

yeah it's me.......patty

no I did not drop dead,drop off the face of the earth, etc......

things have been hopping here.... my son is 16 years old to get a learners, able to get a part time job, able to be still my JOY.

Luyen....well he's still kicking and living here. Yes I am trying to get away from him...every time I go to find a lawyer something happens that I can't. like my HS operation in Nov. did not just breeze by....I had that on Nov. 5th and had problems till feb....
Luyen developed what he thought was Prostate cancer....turned out he has an infection in the prostate not cancer.

there is some good news of sorts..... the little trollop he was seeing is in trouble and looks like she is going to be foreclosed on , I said good news of sorts 'cause even tho i want her gone I do not want to see anyone lose their home. there is a lock box on the door but no for sale sign out on the yard and she is still there.
Luyen stopped seeing her....due to me...about a little over a month ago....since I sent the Mormon's over there ..they got down on her for doing what she does at night. he and her had a fight and he has not been back.

just a while ago I was signing some mortgage papers and I ALWAYS use a different signature when I know he will keeping any papers with it on it. I do not want him to try to forge my real one again. Anyway I was signing away when he said "you have a new signature from last year" I just said "yes" .

no way he will sign my name again without my knowledge.

I am going to settlement real soon now for my car acciedent, hoping to get $20,000.

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