Thursday, April 9, 2009


On the 22nd I will have 5 daycare now I am trying to get the 11 month old I have to sleep in the pack and play ....It's hard work and more so when "el stupido" comes home and thinks nothing of going into that room and makes noise. when I came down to see why Rob was up and crying "el S." was leaving the room with a smile on his face.

And then the other one I have is starting to fight going to sleep when its nap time { he is 2 1/2 years old } and starting to tell me "no" to things ....


And "el s." had told Ryan that when he got his tax return money back he was going to get Ryan a
Lap top for his bday present.... well yesterday he told Ryan he was not going to him 1 cause mom was making him pay for the power bill {which I did not ask him to do}.
Ryan told me about it. I told Ryan that I was not the problem..and if I did make as much money as "El s." then I would have no problem helping out with some bills. when I have the 5 kids I will be making $590 a week...I can pay the power bill {$228.28} and pay off a 230.00 credit card bill {I thought I had them ALL paid off...but found this 1 still} i have and then pay off some doctor bills....

how DARE him try to make me the blame for his problems! {his credit bills are about $20,000,if not more}
Ryan said he did not believe dad. Ryan is mad at dad...for not even giving him a present. I gave him $50 which is all I could afford at the time.



  1. I usually have trouble getting the grandkids to sleep.

  2. BTW>> I did not call Ryans dad "El stupido" to Ryan.