Saturday, November 1, 2008


Virginia is with the Lord as of friday at 4:30pm. I am waiting word as to when her service will be. No one can call me cause my Cell phone is shut off till I pay at least the $300 past due bill. Which some of that is from a friend of mine calling me at least 2x a day {sometimes more} and talking to me for an hour or more each time {I only have 430 hours of free time on it} .
If I did not have pay for tthe hospital this week I could pay it off. So I asked the church if they would pay for it {they help out members}. stating that if something should go wrong after my operation while I was at home I would have no way of contacting anyone to get help.
the whole bill is $800.

after I get it back up I will tell my friend to call me only after 9 pm and weekends.

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  1. oh my yes you need to take care of yourself!