Sunday, December 14, 2008

hi sorry for the long wait between entries....1 I for got my password and 2 I have been on face book a lot.

My {gag} husband has been away in PA. on biz. for the past 2 months........he is a master carpenter .he works for EX PLUS INC.they make museum displays for museums across the USA. now I can see maybe a month...But I think he is lying..... And I know how to find out.
My good friend Liza knows his boss really well so I am going to ask her to ask him about it.

Today I went out to see were his work place is...only 6 miles from home.he had told Ryan {my son} that they had a gate blocking off the way in to it.......A lie {duh} there is no gate. so next week when he supposed to be up in PA. I will take a drive out there to see if his car is there..since they use a company car to get there.

I did call Legal Aid about getting a divorce though them and they are out of funding....they said come back in Jan....I will be the first in line.

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